Synergy AVE
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Discover the Synergy AVE Edge

You can buy "equipment" at any store - from a discount warehouse to a big box retailer; but what happens when you get it home? Installation is not easy. To whom do you turn when the inevitable questions arise?

Too many companies want to sell the most intense, complicated systems known to man. At Synergy AVE we design, sell and install systems which work every time you press a button. This seems like a very basic idea, but at Synergy AVE we believe in when you want to watch TV, you can grab your remote, press “Watch TV” and your TV will turn on and actually work the first time. We firmly believe, no matter how much you pay for your system, if anyone in the family can not use it, and it works every time, it is no good to you. So whether you spend $1,000 or $1,000,000 our focus is the same, we ensure your system is simple to use and it works every time you press a button. This sounds incredibility simplistic / stupid / idiotic / but most companies never accomplish.

We treat every client as if they are our only account, no matter if they are a first-time home owner, a professional interior designer, or an established architect. We have depth of expertise in many areas, from home theatre components, to hardware installation, or helping you choose the perfect security system to protect your business.

About Us

SYNERGY AVE is widely recognized as a leading residential and commercial systems integration firm. We specialize in design, engineering, programming, and installation for custom homes and business integrated systems.

SYNERGY AVE designs, engineers, programs, and installs custom home and business automation control systems comprised of audio, video, lighting, networking/computer, phone, climate control and security components. Through our proprietary design and project management software, we have developed a systematic approach to engineering, installing, and integrating complex electronics.

SYNERGY AVE are experts in applying the industry’s most advanced audio visual, digital signage, and security technologies. We translate this expertise into value for our customers through our custom systems, integration solutions, expert design, and expert services.

At Synergy AVE, we see ourselves as consulting partners with our clients because we provide far more professional services than any average equipment retailer or installer. At the outset, we work together with you to help ascertain what best fulfills your hardware needs. Then, we provide you with the optimum solution that meets both your equipment needs and budgetary considerations.

Whether you’re building your dream home, remodeling your existing residence, or designing and constructing new commercial projects, the team at Synergy AVE is here as your preferred partner.