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Begin at the beginning, with endless possibilities. It’s always best if we can begin at the beginning – working closely with Architects as they design the home or building.

Working with an Architect early in the project allows us to seamlessly blend electronics into the homeowner’s lifestyle. We take into consideration your lifestyle needs for today and the future. Involve us in the schematic phase to insure the finished result lives up to your dream.

We design the infrastructure with power requirements, and other issues that may be relevant to the project. This phase of engineering is critical to ensure problems do not arise in the future.

Here’s why it is so important:

  • It allows us to ensure the infrastructure is up to the task at hand
  • We can properly position components, speakers, etc. for optimum performance
  • It makes it easier to “hide” the hardware
  • We can create an environment that allows for future expansion
  • The design can allow for ease of service and maintenance

Synergy AVE knows that designing homes and buildings affords endless creative possibilities. That’s why we prefer to partner with Architects from the start – working closely with you as you begin to conceive and design your project.

Moreover, today there are more innovations available in building technology than ever before. In fact, virtually every building trade has incorporated cutting-edge processes and solutions, and the choices can be overwhelming. We offer the most technologically advanced products and services in the market, combined with a broad knowledge base and skill set to help you implement these products with ease.