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Builders build… that’s what they do… and it’s probably unreasonable to expect them to be audio, video, automation, and security experts as well. That’s where we come in; we are a licensed subcontractor in various specialty areas, so we can handle our areas of expertise from start to finish.

We partner with builders and assist general contractors with the integration of electronic subsystems, such as lighting control, HVAC, pool, security, audio\video and computer networks, into their residential and commercial projects.

Once a project is underway, a Project Manager with a dedicated team of installers is assigned to the project. We work very closely with the builder during the prewire phase of the project; this ensures not only that Synergy AVE has their wiring correct, but other trades do as well.

When the project site is ready for the electronic components, we deliver the equipment, connect it, program it and perform final testing.

Count on Synergy AVE for:

  • Low-voltage cabling, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable and CAT5 wiring installation
  • Engineering a home for optimum automation, networking and integration with life
  • Coordinate with cabinet makers to ensure proper component clearance
  • Plan for future expansion and allow for ease of service

Synergy AVE is a singular resource for residential and commercial contractors. All Synergy AVE team members have extensive experience in residential construction. Synergy AVE is a well established business that can respond quickly to the demands of residential custom and production construction, and reliably address any post-construction warranty or other needs.

With more than 50% of builders taking on remodeling projects during the current housing downturn, Synergy AVE has become an even more important resource for successfully navigating this increasingly competitive market. Synergy AVE initially evaluates the cost effectiveness of re-using or replacing as many of our clients inquire as to whether they can save money by using their existing equipment.

We understand the needs of commercial clients. Most people believe that designing a system for an office is not dramatically different than designing a system for a home. Not really. Stop and think:

  • In most businesses, it would be good to have audio/video capabilities in a meeting room – and if it’s Internet-linked, you can host/view interactive meetings
  • In many instances, it is beneficial to have a sound system to “broadcast” throughout a building
  • Commercial clients typically require advanced security and surveillance measures.
  • Office automation can help achieve “green” initiatives, so lights shut off when offices are empty.
  • We can help create a network – hard-wired or wireless – for an office.
  • We can work with you for your tenant improvements as they relate to audio, video, networking, security and automation.