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Control Systems

We believe that our clients should never struggle with understanding or using the electronics in their home. SYNERGY AVE has developed a system that is simple to use, yet provides access to all the benefits of the sophisticated electronics installed. Our proprietary approach took years of careful development, and is able to provide control of any configuration, from a one-room system to an entire industrial facility.

Energy Management

We believe that our clients should benefit from the latest in Green Technologies where ever possible and it starts with your dated thermostat. SYNERGY AVE has developed a system that is simple to use, yet provides access to all the benefits of the more sophisticated and expensive units.

Lighting Control

There is more to lighting than flipping a switch. A well designed lighting system can change the environment in a home by enhancing the room’s ambience and style. Good lighting design can add to a room’s aesthetics and can provide functional attributes such as energy saving and security enhancements.

A customized lighting design can also manage your interior and exterior lights through scene settings. In addition, motion sensors are available that switch lights on when you enter the room, stepless dimmers that gradually lower the lights, and, you can control your yard lights to set the mood – all with just a single touch. Our lighting systems are customized for every area, providing multiple personalized scene settings, seasonal adjustments based on astronomical calendars, comprehensive security settings, path lighting, art and decorative spot lighting, and full remote control of lighting.

Home Automation

At Synergy AVE, we’re experts in making a “smart house” even smarter and better adapted to the owner’s needs. At the press of a button you can have instant mood lighting, or switch on the spa, and turn on the security system.

  • Automated window treatments
  • Control the pool and spa – from inside the house
  • Carefully crafted security system
  • Provide access control

The control system takes command of all the various pieces of equipment and combines them into a single cohesive system. A well designed control system offers a simple method for centralized operation of all the electronics in your home.

At Synergy AVE, we believe that ease of use and dependability are imperative. We have depth of expertise that comes from constant refining of the process and implementation of proven new technologies as they become available. This has allowed for development of a scalable system that is simple to use, yet provides the full benefits of the electronics installed. It can control virtually any configuration, from a one-room system to a large industrial facility.