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SYNERGY AVE understands how technology needs to be woven into the way people live on a daily basis. Sometimes technology is the focus, and other times serenity is the focus. We partner with Designers to strike the correct balance. Synergy AVE Integrates Technology with Life.

Our Engineering Team will take design concepts and create all the construction and installation details for the Designer. Our solutions for speakers, televisions, acoustical treatments, keypads, and other electronic components integrate technology with artistic design.

In the world of interior design, the goal is beauty, graceful integration and enhanced functionality. What stands in the way?

Ugly speakers. Boxy receivers. Unsightly components.

We have all been to a home where, center stage, is an oversized rack of mismatched electronics. Know why it’s “there”? Because the company that was responsible for the installation didn’t work with the Designer to make that hardware disappear. People want to hear the end results… they don’t need to see the components.

At Synergy AVE, our job is to work with Interior Designers allowing them to paint a masterpiece in which the audio components artfully blend with the design.

If you’re an Interior Designer, Synergy AVE can function as a primary resource for you in terms of services, equipment and supplies, helping you save time and money in the process. In addition, Synergy AVE offers you and helps you with:

  • Engineering a home for optimum automation
  • Coordinate with cabinet makers to ensure proper component clearance
  • We can properly position components, speakers, etc. for optimum performance
  • Synergy AVE makes it easier to “hide” the hardware
  • The design can allow for ease of service and maintenance
  • Synergy AVE team members who, through a history of collaborative work, offer a streamlined, effective team approach when implementing and coordinating projects.

A collaborative alliance with Synergy AVE means that you can focus on your specialty – making interiors look great – while our team members handle their various areas of expertise from start to finish.