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Digital Signage

The term ‘Digital Signage’ refers to the use of digital technology to send messages and images to visual displays, in locations frequented by the general public or specific targeted groups or market segments. It replaces traditional marketing materials, and also enhances the quality of communication. The content that digital signage presents can guide visitors, provide critical information, and entertain customers as a means of triggering certain purchasing decisions.

Digital Signs provide target audiences with the information they need to receive in a compelling, dynamic and interactive format.

  • Greater message impact by using full motion, full color video and adding sound
  • Change messages faster, more easily and less expensively then replacing printed signage
  • The user is able to alter the message based on the time of day, day of the week or even the weather
  • Regional, local and site specific content can be provided efficiently and inexpensively
  • Improve efficiency with centralized monitoring, management and distribution
  • Reduce the length of time required to deploy new promotional programs

Synergy AVE is positioned on the leading edge of the digital signage industry. As a world-class audiovisual systems integrator, Synergy AVE can show you how to utilize digital signage as an effective, powerful tool to reach your specific audience. We will create a digital signage solution that is customized for the specific needs of your organization.

We are adept at providing turnkey solutions, including project design and management, installation, and international service of your multi-site digital sign locations. Synergy AVE can provide everything you need to establish your digital signage solution, including needs analysis, system training, system support and services, content creation, day-to-day system management and more. With clients like The Palm Springs International Airport, Thermal International Raceway, and Andalusia Country Club, you can be assured that Synergy AVE has the experience to assist you with all of your retail, corporate, or government digital signage needs.

Digital Signage Content Creation

In addition to our digital signage installation services, Synergy AVE can assist in managing the content for your digital signage display.

Synergy AVE uses state-of-the-art management software to display news feeds, sports scores, stock quotes, video, images, live television, or even a combination of all of these. We are able control your digital screens remotely from our Digital Signage Content Management Office, so your organization can have a dynamic display without the hassle of updating it. Our digital signage professionals can manage your whole digital signage network using our comprehensive in-house service resources.

Digital Signage Ad Management

Synergy AVE offers exclusive digital signage ad management to support any type of ad revenue generating digital signage project. In the ever growing digital signage market selling ad space is a top priority. It is no longer enough to sell advertising without the ability to give advertisers proof that their message is being delivered.