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Synergy Digital Media Delivers a Powerful Advertising Medium

Synergy Digital Media Provides the Interactive Digital Signage Solution

Synergy Digital Media was established to fill a need in the rapidly expanding digital signage market. Consumers are spending more time away from their home televisions, and when at home they tend to fast-forward through commercials. While outside of their homes, however, consumers cannot avoid TV screens in grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, sports bars, and other locations. Advertisers must now work smarter to capture the attention of their audience, and Synergy Digital Media advertising has the solution to combat these challenges on multiple levels. Synergy Digital Media offers the most affordable and effective way to communicate with your target audience.

Digital Signage

Over the past couple of years, a tremendous amount of buzz has been generated by the digital signage industry and the limitless options it creates. A clear call-to-action in the digital signage ad encourages viewers to respond to content that captures their interest. Advertising mediums have evolved to keep pace with the quick transition of technology trends. Digital signage is the most affordable offering for advertisers to effectively get their messages out and Synergy Digital Media is leading this trend in the next explosion in advertising. Updates and changes to ads can be done on the fly with no printing costs, deployment timing, or other costly expenditures.

How It Works

Synergy Digital Media client ads can be seen thousands of times monthly on video displays in specialized businesses, the hospitality industry, and local hotspots where customer foot traffic is high or target marketed for the individual advertiser. Bar codes can also be used in combination with an advertisement, which requires viewers to scan the bar code in order to view the web site, receive coupons, or to win a product or service. Advertisement campaign success can be tracked and analyzed based upon message displayed and redemption of digital coupons.

Monthly Advertising Cost

Costs can be as low as $100 per month, and vary based on the location and the term length of the contract commitment. Synergy Digital Media also offers multiple location discounts and can customize a program best suited for your current budget. No other advertising medium can offer such a low per month rate for the value in return.

How Often is My Digital Media Ad Seen?

Each advertising location (‘Host’) has a maximum number of advertisers contracted, which allows for each Digital Media Ad to play once every five-minute period. In most cases, this means your ad will be seen 120 times a day and 3,600 times per month. This means each time your ad plays it is costing you less than three cents.

Graphic Design / Ad Creation / Publishing of Content

Synergy Digital Media offers graphic design services to help you create the ad content you are looking for. Advertisers are welcome to design and submit their own ad creation; specifics and guidelines are available upon request. Synergy Digital Media works with you and your team to ensure that the desired result is achieved, and that the end product will make your program successful. If you elect to have the Synergy Digital Media Graphic Design Team create your ad, we have two standard programs and price points to meet your budget.

How To Get Started

Please contact us to get more information, or set up an appointment to discuss your specific advertising needs, desired locations, and the program that will best suit your desired media focus. Once your program is selected, graphic design can begin within 24 hours and your first digital proof can be emailed to you in another 24 hours. Once your digital media ad is complete, it will be up and running at the specified location within 24 hours in most instances.

Five Key Digital Signage Points

  • 1. 52 percent of the population (age 12 or older), or 135 million people, have viewed a digital video display during the past week.

  • 2. 47 percent of those who noticed a digital place-based video display during the past month also recalled seeing an advertisement on the screen.

  • 3. Even more supportive of the advertising impact of digital signage is the fact that 19 percent of those who saw an ad have made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on the screen.

  • 4. More American teens and adults have seen a digital video screen at a public venue during the past month (70 percent) than have watched online video (45 percent), and that includes such sites as YouTube and Hulu.

  • 5. At any given moment, more people are watching a digital video screen in a Wal-Mart store than are watching CBS, NBC, and ABC combined. Think about that for a minute; it’s an amazing fact.


Synergy Digital Media provides your business with an incredibly powerful advertising medium at an extremely affordable price. Don’t hesitate; there are a limited number of media plays per location available and spots are selling fast.