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Home Cinema

Our home cinemas bring the big screen movie experience right into your home. Let us show you how to transform a “living room” into a place of stunningly realistic sound and imagery. From the roaring bass of jet engines to the subtle nuances of the sounds of nature, our carefully engineered designs and implementations will invigorate and renew your senses. This is far more than just ‘sound’, it’s that feeling you get when you hear footsteps behind you on a moonless night, or the roar of an engine thundering in your direction. At Synergy AVE, our surround sound systems will put you in the very middle of the action.

Every single system we design is integrated from the ground up into a seamless suite of components that offers a world-class home theater experience. Our philosophy precludes the cookie-cutter approach of many of our imitators. Each Synergy AVE system is approached as a separate and unique project, with its own considerations and challenges. Our ultimate goal is to deliver only the finest audio-visual experience, one that will present a cinema event exactly as the director intended.

Each project requires a unique and wholly satisfactory solution. To begin, we complete an in-depth assessment of the room, including sound characteristics such as dampening from carpet and heavy upholstery or excessive brightness caused by tile or hardwood flooring. We take into consideration the shape of the room itself, any sound-reflective surfaces, and the overall functionality of the space. This assessment aids us in the successful mitigation of problem areas and fine tuning the room as a whole. The ultimate goal for every single Synergy AVE project is to produce yet another of our award-winning designs for your home or business.

The theater experience is not limited to a single form of dedicated space. The electronic and acoustical solutions we provide make it possible to deliver the full theater experience into a variety of rooms, including living rooms and great rooms. Bright visual displays, in-wall speakers with directional drivers, motorized shades, and lighting controls all work in concert to provide a turnkey theater system for your home.

We work in collaboration with architects, interior designers, electricians, real estate developers and builders, and other trades in order to create completely integrated solutions. Our continued participation, from the onset of the design process through to the final programming of the system is assurance that your home cinema will provide a viewing experience second to none – one that will have your neighbors green with envy. We possess decades of design and engineering experience and maintain the strongest possible commitment to the quality of our products and service.

  • Choice of speakers, electronics, displays and screens
  • Precise speaker placement
  • Integrate with your existing system
  • Custom designed
  • World-class home theatre installations
  • Carefully integrated surround sound system