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Office 760-851-0966


Synergy AVE is positioned as a premier supplier of service and hardware in the constantly changing electronics industry. Our highly trained, professional team members are always on the leading edge of both existing and emerging technologies, and will help you find the right solution at the right price.

Big box stores and online retailers offer equipment but their real-world experience and professional direction is either lacking or nonexistent. Let a Synergy AVE team member help with your questions and turn the complexities of the decision making process into a positive experience. Our business philosophy is simple: if we cannot get you the pricing you desire, we will do our best to help you find it elsewhere.


Ask around, and what you will hear the most about us is that with Synergy AVE our custom solutions are simple to use and carefully designed to meet each client’s individual needs. We provide well conceived solutions that answer exact needs, not ‘flavor of the month’ or ‘one size fits all’ products like many other companies.

If you already have a system installed, we can analyze, reconfigure and upgrade it if needed to make it simple and rewarding to use – and we will do it without having to replace costly products unnecessarily. Let us simplify your life by bringing all of the technology in your home together into a single, complete and elegant solution that literally works with the touch of a button.

Synergy AVE, The path technology & simplicity take to become one

Simply put, our name reflects our total commitment to bringing together expertise, talent, creativity, simplicity and leading edge technologies from various sectors of our industry, thereby providing our clients with design innovation, top quality hardware, custom software applications, and individually tailored services at a level that far exceeds that which any single competing enterprise could ever hope to achieve.