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Residential Music Systems

Background Music systems provide the ability to listen to your music anywhere in the home, and also allow a variety of music to be played in different rooms of your home. These music systems are designed and built according to your specific needs, melding leading edge technologies with simplicity of use.

Choices for your music system configuration are based on your perceived needs, from your iPod to a favorite news channel or CD playlist. Music can be stored on a centralized music server, computer, iTunes library, high definition radio, or streamed through satellite, Internet and cable TV. Your music can be played seamlessly and integrated into both the interior and exterior of your home. We offer a wide variety of speaker choices that allow for excellent matching based on a particular area’s needs.

Synergy AVE can give you the music experience of a lifetime. We have the ability, knowledge, experience and skill set to install a multi-room music system. With this experience you have the ability to control everything with the touch of one universal remote or in-wall keypad.

A final thought – Synergy AVE can add a dramatic enhancement to your home and your lifestyle. See why so many people have taken advantage of our unique philosophy and are enjoying the benefits of a simple and powerful system that will change the way you live in your home.

Now the ability to control and distribute audio throughout the home is even more affordable.


Music. It's everywhere. You hear it in the falling rain, the rhythm of footsteps on a city sidewalk. A baby cooing in its mother's arms. The thrum of waves against the shore. At Synergy AVE, we don't just hear music. We live it, breathe it. It's what we do. Build customer experiences out of music and sound, delivered through a commercial sound system built specifically for your business. Whether its restaurant, hospitality, corporate, office or retail, a background music system can deliver an experience unique to your business, one that deepens your relationship with your customers.

A commercial sound system should produce rich, vibrant sound, sound that can engage your customers or envelope them. Depending on the nature of your business, Synergy AVE can design and implement a commercial sound system that will grab your customers' attentions, excite them, and engage them. Alternately, they can create a retail background music system that bathes your customers in luxurious, plush sound.

A great commercial sound system is more than just amazing audio components. It's the friendly and helpful person answering your questions on the phone. It's the skilled, high-end audio designer who chooses the right number, types and placement of your equipment. It's the polite and respectful technician who installs your sound system right the first time, with no interruptions. It's the quick response you get if you ever have a problem. And the affordable prices that make it easy and fun to say "yes" to better sound.